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AI Innovators – Machine Learning Track

Who Are You?

A highly motivated college student in a STEM field, with previous exposure to programming, statistic, and/or data-driven problem-solving.

As an AI Innovator, you come prepared to meet cutting-edge techniques in AI with curiosity and command.

Course Outcomes

  • Endorsed AI + ML Skillset
  • Modern AI Deep-Dive
  • Shareable AI Project Portfolio
  • AI Career Development Workshops
  • Personalized Instruction from Stanford & MIT Alumni
  • Exclusive Access to the AI Innovation Fellows Network

Suggested Majors

Suggested majors for this fellowship include:

Computer Science



Biology & Chemistry


Here at Inspirit Innovators, we believe there should be no hurdles to learning AI.

That’s why we have no formal prerequisites for our AI Fellowship in Machine Learning. However, previous exposure to Python and familiarity with data analysis are a plus.

How did the Inspirit Program affect your career journey?

“As a CS major at the University of Illinois right now, I get the chance to explore multiple areas of CS in the upcoming years... [the program] has developed my interest for AI... I'm excited to explore.”

Varun M.University of Illinois / Object Detection from Street Images Project

“Through this program, I got to learn so much more about the real world applications of AI and apply what I learned with a group of amazing people on a project aimed at tracing the lineage of COVID strains. My academic journey was greatly influenced by this program as I met so many amazing people and learned so much!”

Preethi K.Carnegie Mellon University / COVID-19 Lineage Project

“Before this class, I had pictured my college experience lasting four years with me joining a tech company as a software engineer after college. Then Inspirit AI class introduced me to new topics that have inspired me to pursue an advanced degree and work towards a research based job.”

Jeremy F.University of Washington

AI Innovation Course Schedule

Explore a sample Machine Learning Fellowship curriculum to learn more about how the Inspirit Innovators program prepares STEM-focused students for careers in AI.


AI Foundations

The first half of the course concentrates on mastering foundational concepts, developing proficient programming skills, and implementing practical techniques to grant you the knowledge and intellectual flexibility of an AI expert.


AI + X Project

The second half of the course revolves around learning to skillfully apply AI to your own domain of interest and employing your newly developed expertise to enhance your passion.

Meet Ethan:

An Inspirit Instructor Designing AI for Security & Privacy

How did you choose what you studied in college? How did you end up studying AI?

“I started with breadth: which is why I’m on track to graduate with an EECS degree. Then I took a couple of specialized classes, including the Al class practically by accident.

After taking the Al class with friends, I realized how much I enjoyed it, which lead me to take more classes and become much more involved (including research and work experience).

Although unplanned, the very first class I took on Al was the stepping stone into my current career.”

What research/industry work within AI have you focused on?

“Real-time detection for an embedded device (work experience that included efforts towards a space mission), and exploring Neural Net Splitting for model infringing, and manipulating models for feature determination and removal of hidden biases.”

Ready to make your impact?

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AI for Healthcare Professionals Program Starting in December 2023
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